Funds are needed by Bucceri Snow Making Pty. Ltd. to fast track its financial objectives and maximise the income opportunity

The funds will be used to market new snow making technology and manufacture new equipment for immediate sale to capitalize on patents granted and pending that are the results of 6 years of Research and Development work.

Annual Profits exceeding $10 Million annually are expected when Bucceri Snow reaches its initial sales objective of making sales 0.05% of the existing ski resorts in the world over the next 4 years.

The Funding Opportunity

The technology employed by Bucceri is protected by international patents applications.

Above – The Snow Hybrid all has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the ski resort operator.

As the world heats up due to global warming, the world’s ski resorts are searching for a better solution to dwindling snow cover and increasing uncertainty of season opening.

Snow will always be needed at ski resorts to ensure their viability as natural snow falls decrease and warmer weather patterns predicted for the future.

It is not the intention of Bucceri to go “head-to-head” with conventional snowmaking suppliers but to capitalize on the problems with the inability of conventional snow machines to make snow in the 0 degrees to -3 degrees Celsius Wet bulb range.

A more comprehensive study of the technical advantages can be studied by clicking this link.

Appendix 1: History of Bucceri Snow Making.

Bucceri Snow Making Pty Ltd and its owner Alfio Bucceri have been successfully inventing, commercialising and selling innovative snow making systems since 1985 and the introduction of their technologies and concepts has revolutionised the snow sport industry over this period.

Bucceri’s technology and business concept were the main assets for the listing a public company on the Australian Stock Exchange called Permasnow Australasia Ltd. The Technology and Business Concept quickly revolutionized the skiing industry with Indoor Ski Centers created in every part of the world.

Both the product and concept are still active in the marketplace today with Indoor Ski Centres operating in many locations throughout the world.

Bucceri Snow Making has been manufacturing and selling snow making machines to a niche market including theme parks, event operators, casinos and ski resorts.

Sales of Bucceri Snow Making machines in the first half of the 2019./2020 financial year hads reached $500,000 with sales to Indonesia, USA, Brazil and France before the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Bucceri Snow machines for Plus Freezing Applications have been shown at trade shows in the USA Europe and China on a regular basis over the past 5 years.

Bucceri Snow is based in Brisbane, Australia, with a manufacturing base Australia and China.

In March 2020 Bucceri Snow finalized testing of this new technology at Shenyang Ski Resort in China and in June September 2020 at Merrijig and Mt Buller Australia with results confirming that this new technology is set to revolutionize the ski resort business.

In the first 4 months of 2022, after a 2 year shut down due to Covid disruptions with travel restrictions and non-attenence at Trade Shows sales of new machines totalled $600,000 with sales in Australia and the USA, The company is in a position to capitalise on ots unoque technology and see sales growth increase once funds are in place.

The business plan and capital raising are aimed at the rapid development and sales of the Bucceri Snow Hybrid for ski resort use as the market is large with high sales potential.

Confidential Financial Data – Will be made available on Request