Bucceri Snow Hybrid!

Snowmaking Powerhouse

Guarantee Your Season, Conquer Any Temperature:

Unbreakable Promise: 

The Bucceri dream team – Hybrid and B4 machines – deliver a guaranteed snow season, regardless of temperature fluctuations. Unpredictable weather becomes irrelevant, ensuring a consistent and profitable winter.


Hybrid Hero: Scattered strategically across your slopes, the Bucceri Hybrids churn out high-quality snow, ready for immediate skiing, at any temperature (from 0°C to +20°C). Guests enjoy perfect conditions, from first chair to last.

Low-Temp Titan: When the mercury dips, the Hybrid transforms. It operates with the efficiency of a traditional fan gun, producing massive amounts of snow at minimal energy cost.

The Unbeatable Champion: Cost & Production King

Dominate Your Budget: This winning combination delivers the cheapest snow possible. Reduce operational costs significantly and maximize your profit margins.

    Snow Production on Steroids: At low temperatures (below 20°F), the B4 steps up, generating the highest snow output of any machine on the market. Bury your slopes in pristine snow, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Up to 1 million pounds of snow per hour is achievable!


    Stockpile for Later Savings: The Hybrid’s versatility extends beyond immediate use. Generate and stockpile snow during off-peak hours or warmer weather. This stockpiled snow becomes a goldmine when fed into the B4 later, maximizing snow production at the lowest possible cost. The B4 can turn 50,000 pounds of stockpiled snow into millions in ideal conditions.

    Crushing the Competition: Unmatched Production Power

    Imagine the snowmaking capabilities of a fleet of 30 conventional fan guns. That’s the kind of power you unlock with the Bucceri combo. A typical fan gun, like the SMI Polecat at 200psi water pressure, produces around 66 gallons of snow per minute. In contrast, by utilizing stockpiled or recycled snow with the Bucceri system, you can achieve a mind-blowing production rate exceeding 2,000 gallons per minute. That’s more than 30 times the output of a single conventional fan gun – all achieved in a single hour!

    Additional Points to Consider:


    • Sustainable Champion: Lower energy consumption with both machines translates to a more environmentally friendly operation for your resort.
    • Unmatched Guest Satisfaction: Guarantee exceptional skiing conditions and happy skiers with Bucceri’s unbeatable snowmaking solution.
    • Technological Innovation: Bucceri’s cutting-edge technology ensures top performance, reliability, and user confidence.