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As the world heats up due to global warming, ski resorts around the world are facing the challenge of dwindling snow cover and increasing uncertainty of season openings. In order to ensure their viability, ski resorts need a solution that guarantees snow.

Enter the Bucceri Snow Hybrid, a revolutionary snow making system that can do it all. With patented technology and worldwide recognition, the Bucceri Snow Hybrid produces the highest quality snow that can be blown directly to the ground for immediate use. Designed and developed to meet the needs of ski resort operators,

Bucceri Snow Making has been at the forefront of innovation since 1985. Their technologies and concepts have revolutionized the snow sport industry, offering a reliable and efficient snow making solution for ski resorts worldwide.

The Bucceri Snow Hybrid makes high quality snow at any temperature. Image shows snow making at plus temperature at the Shenyang Ski Resort during product development at Shenyang in 2019.

With a rich history dating back to 1984, Bucceri Snow Making has been at the forefront of snowmaking innovation, from developing snow systems and the modern day concepts for indoor skiing to commercializing modern-day plus-temperature snowmaking systems.